Technological services

SENA offers entrepreneurs a portfolio of Technological Services to make their companies more productive, improve their industrial processes, and raise the quality of their products to compete successfully in globalized markets.

The CDTI integrates innovation, specialized human resources and training environments with advanced technological infrastructure, these aspects make up the Technological services so that companies find support in their purpose of being more productive and competitive.

SENA's wide range of technological services includes technical assistance, consulting, consulting, design, applied research, special manufacturing, agricultural machinery, and laboratory testing and testing that meet the requirements of different economic sectors.

The technological services that C.D.T.I. Offers are oriented to the following processes:

PLM (Product Life Cycle Management).

  • Design and development of products, parts and machines.
  • Simulation and validation of mechanical, functional and structural behavior, digital models, modeling of plants and production processes, computer assisted mechanization.
  • Management of collaborative and interdisciplinary projects.
  • Realistic presentations for product marketing.
  • Technical documentation of machines and products.
  • Advice for the implementation of PLM as a business strategy.

Digitized parts design (Reverse Engineering).

Machining with CNC.

Predictive Maintenance.

Vibration Analysis - Thermography - Ultrasound.

Advice on Implementation of Quality Management Systems.